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This HIT will only work in GOOGLE CHROME and should take ~10-15 minutes

PLEASE DO ONLY ONE HIT. If you do multiple HITs, you will not be paid.

In this experiment, you will learn how to categorize television antennas.

Please pay attention, thanks!


In this game you will see "loop antennas" for televisions and each antenna receives one of two channels (CH1 or CH2). The channel received by an antenna depends on its size and angle.

Your goal is to learn the difference between the two types of antennas. The antennas are noisy and can pick up the wrong channel on occasion, so you should learn what channel is most often received by a particular type of antenna.

To advance:
Press the Z key if the antenna receives Channel 1.
Press the X key if the antenna receives Channel 2.

Click the Continue button to begin.

You will be able to design and test your own antennas.

*To adjust the size, press and release the Z key, then click/drag the antenna L/R.
*To adjust the angle, press and release the X key, then click/drag the antenna L/R.

NOTE you will have to click within the antenna to adjust it.

Also, you will design many antennas, so you do not need to spend too much time on each one. Once you are satisfied with your antenna, press C to learn what station it receives.

Click the Continue button to begin.

To adjust size, press Z, then click/drag antenna L/R.
To adjust angle, press X, then click/drag antenna L/R.
To learn the station, press C.

Z = Channel 1
X = Channel 2

This antenna receives:

Which channel does this antenna receive?

Accuracy on preceding block {{}}

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