Teaching experience and materials

Teaching Fellow for Psych One: Intro to Psychology, Stanford University (2015). [section site] [evaluation fall 2014] [evaluation spring 2015]

Teaching Assistant for Psych 60: Intro to Developmental Psychology, Stanford University (2016, 2017) [learning from play: screencast] [theory of mind: screencast] [syllabus]

Teaching Assistant for Psych 45: Intro to Learning and Memory, Stanford Univeristy (2014).

Co-Instructor for Psych 113s: Intro to Developmental Psychology, Stanford University (2016). [syllabus] [lecture slides]

Head Teaching Assistant for Psych 10/Stats 60: Intro to Statistical Methods, Stanford University (2017). [data viz (in ggplot2) lesson] [evaluations]

Guest lecturer for Psych One (Language), Stanford University (2016, 2017, 2018). [slides]

Guest lecturer for Ling 140 (Sign Language Acquisition), Stanford University (2018). [slides] [reading list]

Tutorial on Bayesian Linear Mixed Models, LangCog Lab, Stanford University (2017). [tutorial] [R Notebook]

Discussion on potential pitfalls of Causal Inference in experimental designs, LangCog Lab, Stanford University (2017). [notes]